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Sourcing > Selection of suppliers

We will assist you in identifying your future suppliers by offering the following services:


  • Providing you with a list of potential suppliers
  • Compiling a list of Supplier profiles that provide essential information with respect to each identified supplier 
  • Selecting and contacting the required suppliers within the refined list.  

Call for Tender

As soon as you submit your completed bid:

  • Issuing of the 'long list' 
  • Select the suppliers included in the short list as well as the request of a bid from each of them
  • Assessment of the offers and of the supplier profiles
  • Communication and assessment of interesting suppliers and the best offer (1 sheet/supplier)


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  • Feasability studies
  • Order control and management

  • Pour obtenir de plus amples informations, n'hesitez pas à remplir le formulaire suivant: nous vous répondrons dans les meilleurs délais.