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Obtaining new clients through diverse methods establishes a strong commercial network, which is essential to effectively cover new territory. The process of recruiting new clients in a foreign country requires several steps:

  • Research and pre-qualification:  This step involves intensive research and the pre-selection of prospective clients, (distributors, final users, etc)  teasing out the most valuable information throughout the process (activity sector, function, contact information, etc.)  
  • Get in contact: Prepare useful information and catch phrases to use when you introduce your organization by telephone. 
  • Meet prospective clients:  Organize the appointment in advance, prepare the organization of the meeting, and become familiarized with their business during the meeting.    
  • Follow-up: Assure that essentail documents and important information have been received by the client. 
  • Retain the Client and maintain the relationship: Sign necessary contracts, form a commercial partnership, assure a high quality of service, and respond to the needs of the client.


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